The Artist

It can be a rarity these days to find artists who possess the type of sincerity, integrity, and connection to their craft which today, folks so desperately crave in a post patient world. NYC based, Crooner and Edgy Folk songwriter, Randy Niles, is more than an exception to this model...he is truly the rule.

Creating a fundamental platform for honest songwriting steeped in folk/soul & blues, Niles digs his roots deep into you with earnest storytelling, which seems to deliver an equal dose of mind, body and spirit. His voice explores ranges that soar from sweet falsettos, to scraping the ground with just enough edge to keep any listener straddling the genre divide.

Matched with a skilled ability to strum/finger-pick complicated, yet musically cohesive guitar phrases, while integrating folky foot drum stomping, and tasteful looping techniques, turns this self-taught troubadour into a one-man multi-instrumental power house. He weaves all of these traits into one seamless body of work, leaving his audiences not only entertained, but fulfilled.

With an impressive list of accomplishments including opening for artists such as: Rusted Root founder, front man,singer/guitarist Michael Glabicki (Mercury/Island/Touchy Pegg), Singer/Songwriter Ry Cuming /RY X (Jive/Sony, Dumont Dumont, Infectious Music UK), national touring Blues-Rock Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist - Eli Cook (Cleopatra Records), and Billboard charted Country Singer/Songwriter, Craig Bickhardt, Niles has been touring relentlessly in an effort to create not just a catalog, but a brand that folks will easily associate with, and remember for times to come.

With a new EP set for release in 2017, Niles plans on taking his one-man act to the furthest limits by delivering thought provoking songs that can ignite the heart of the most unaware listener.

His mission is to match the growth and maturity he has experienced through the last few yearsof touring, life challenges, and accomplishments, with an upcoming catalog, and release of music that will forever embed itself in the minds and hearts of his growing fan base and community.

Get in touch: Email grassyrootsmgmt [at] gmail or randynilesmusicbooking [at] gmail regarding any questions you may have.

press quotes –

Melissa Walker (Upstate Live Magazine, Fuze Magazine) –"Randy’s music is a clear reflection of himself. He has such a defined sense of self, in fact, that he is his music and vice versa. Always considering the end game vision for both his career and his personal path of growth, Randy would rather inspire you than impress you."

Katy Tong (Columbia Spectator) –"Bronx-raised singer-songwriter Randy Niles is no stranger to the musically gray area of genre crossover. The ethereal eddy of synchs in “Satellite” is an exploration through textural landscapes that oddly recall Radiohead. His soulful crooning—“It’s a tragedy when x, y, z won’t equal three”—in “Birds of a Feather” speaks poetically to the complications of a romantic tryst over a slow-burning guitar motif."

Tina Benitez (NY Examiner) – "A hybrid between Bret Dennen and John Mayer, Niles reveals undulating levels of emotion via lyrics like “hard to stay strong when you dig for so long,” in "Favorite Color," or love-—and love lost—in “Satellite” or a backstabbing friend in "Birds of a Feather."